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An ACC tip from Tormek

Started by Ken S, September 05, 2023, 12:05:38 AM

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Ken S

Part of our program at Tormek was an afternoon of our sharpening questions. The instructors divided the subjects so that everyone's questions were discussed. The program took place in the sharpening studio. (The line classes are also made there.)

Before traveling, I had emailed Wolfgang some specific questions. Wolfgang wisely realized that these questions might not interest most of our group. He suggested that the two of us find a quiet area to discuss my questions. It doesn't get any better than private tutoring with the Sharpening Doctor! I will gradually share the conversation with the forum.

I asked Wolfgang to elaborate more about a comment he made about the Anti Corrosion Concentrate. He emailed me an answer. Here it is:

"That was me, that mentioned it, it will give a coating when the liquid dries up, especially the wheel. A certain protection for the tools too as long as it not interfere with the material you work on.
 I had a Tormek user that complained that the wheel developed stain, even he was using the ACC. He was painstakingly drying the wheel after he used it, thinking to prevent the wheel to rust.
The ACC leaves a thin "protection layer" on the wheel."

Eventually HÃ¥kan and Mats joined us. I was having a discussion with the Holy Trinity of Tormek experts!


John Hancock Sr

Yes - that makes sense. Wherever you spill the water it leaves a thin coating if not dried. Interesting.