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Sharpening a Japanese (grind) Style knife (unsymmetric 70:30)?

Started by aquataur, July 30, 2023, 12:15:49 PM

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The knife I finally bought (see originial post) has a 50/50 grind @ 15dps - despite the typical geometry a knife of that provenience would have. This makes things easier.

Thinking about this, we are practically speaking about a micro-bevel. Kippington explains in post#25 that a knife that slim (look at the picture...) has such a thin cutting edge (initially at least) that you cannot practically grind asymmetrically. A blunt blade yes, but not such a thin blade. (Note that he kind of contradicts himself at this point...)

A funny aside story to do with that knife:

I know some knives for the Western market are shipped less than perfectly sharp. When I was at the store I raked my thumb over the cutting edge as I usually would. I uttered that it was in need of some touch-up.
I was told by the store owner that this method would not apply, I think her argument was that "Japanese knifes are different".
So when the specimen was subjected to the tomato test, I thought there was leeway for improvement - Japanese or not.
I gave it a few strokes with my J1000 stone from Dictum and honed it with the felt wheel. Needless to say that it cuts better now and that the thumb test was not dumb after all.