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Can this drill point geometry be sharpened on the tormak?

Started by PerAtAptomica, September 26, 2023, 12:54:03 PM

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Hi all

I use a drill with this particular tip geometry (photos attached) and it works great for me.

What I wonder is if I could sharpen this on the Tomak, I do not think the DBS-22 can do it.

The part that worries me the most is the sharp corner in the center.

I am considering 3D printing a simple custom jig and see if I can make that work.

The surface Marked A is concave and the surface marked B is convex.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

All my best


Welcome Per.

This is a variation of a standard conical grind with a split point.
I have done it on the Tormek, look up the thread I started recently "Musings..."

You cannot do a sharp corner like that, but you don´t need to. What counts is the cutting lip you introduce at the web.

You can do it, but you may find out that it does not pay.
Again, I have written all the pro´s and con´s related to this subject.
I did not go into depth on the fine details on how I modified the DBS-22 because there is no interest.
And maybe no need too.

Have fun,



Hi Helmut

Thank you for your help, I will check out your post and would be very interested to know how you modified the jig DBS-22 to make it happen.

I will report back when I have worked more on this.

All my best