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stone with tormek t4

Started by sfeuxy, July 04, 2023, 07:43:14 PM

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Hello, I have a small question about the tormek t4 machine.
I have had one since 1,5 year, I use it mainly to sharpen my kitchen knives. I have the original stone, there sg 200. I also use the grinding stone to refine the grain. Despite this, I have to finish by hand with a stone so that my knives are perfect. I saw on the tormek site that there was a Japanese stone, the sj 200 model, which has a grain of 400, on the other hand quite expensive (250 euros). Do you think it's worth buying this grinding wheel to sharpen knives?.
Thank you


Hello sfeuxy,
This may be stupid question but...
You don't mention it in your post but are you using the honing wheel with the honing compound to remove the burr fully after grinding on the stone?

This is equally important as the grinding step.
You say "so that my knives are perfect"
How are you measuring the sharpness you want/need?

By the way, the SJ200 stone is available here in France for 198 euros delivery included.



thank you for your answer, I use the lapping disc with the lapping paste.
to check if my hillsides cut well, I test in a very ripe tomato.


It is not so easy to know exactly what the difficulty is that you may be having.

Personally, I am happy with the sharpness of my knives using the standard Tormek stone. I do rough grade if necessary, then fine grade followed by the honing wheel to remove the burr finally.

I feel that there a lot of user skill involved in learning to sharpen on the Tormek, especially for knives.

If you do want to use the finer 4000 grade Japanese stone after the original stone, you need to be sure that you keep the same angle.
There is a video here which demonstrates using both wheels with very good results. It is using a T8 machine but the idea is the same for the T4.

It may help you to decide if you want buy the SJ-200 stone.

Can I ask which country you are in?



Ken S


I have been fortunate to have watched Stig Reitan one on one. Stig is a real Tormek expert, specializing in knives and chisels. He shares his wisdom here:

I highly recommend this video.



Quote from: sfeuxy on July 04, 2023, 11:47:20 PMthanks, i am from belguim
If you do decide that you want the Japanese stone, see Coutellerie Marcin 189 euros...
I have not bought from them but they seem to be OK.

PS Je suis content de parler en français si cela peut t'aider..


merci beaucoup ;-).

je vais regarder ça sur le site dont tu m as parlé ;-)


Salut !

As mentioned on a few other posts, I have not seen any significant difference in sharpness (BESS scores) for a knife sharpened on the SJ before honing. I do not have scientific means of measuring edge retention but I'd say edge retention is at best equivalent, and probably worse, when the SJ is used. Vegetable knives cleary cut better longer when *not* sharpening on the SJ. Tormek's claim that sharpening on the SJ eliminates the need for honing is dubious, if not outright false.

The late Wootz (KnifeGrinders) had developed a process where he sharpened the sides(walls) of the edge - but not the apex - on the SJ. That seems consistent with both previous observations. Not sure that's worth the trouble for us average sharpeners though.

I'd recommend Coutellerie Marcin, I've never had any issue when ordering from them.

A plus...

[EDIT] An edge polished on the SJ does look gorgeous though [/EDIT]