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a simple honing improvement

Started by Ken S, June 27, 2023, 04:34:45 AM

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Ken S

I have read numerous replies recommending that the original poster purchase a set of superabrasive wheels or various honing wheels to solve the problem. While these may well solve the problems, many of these problems can be solved for considerably less cost.

Demonstration videos start with grinding. Once sharpening is complete, PA-70 honing compound is applied to the leather honing wheel, and the honing part of sharpening begins. Wolfgang mentions a simple improvement in the online classes . The honing compound is most effective (aggressive) when the compound is almost dry.  Why not apply the honing compound at the start of the sharpening session and allow it to dry during set up and grinding? This also makes the honing compound more grit versatile at no extra cost. If the almost dry compound seems too aggressive, just add fresh (wet) compound.

All of the knives I sharpen are either stainless or carbon (mostly Victorinox, Henckel, Mora or Buck). I don't know how well this would work with supersteels. It certainly seems worth a try before purchasing several hundred dollars for specialized honing equipment.

There are many gems in the online sharpening classes.