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Wheel questions on T1 vs T2

Started by staysupersharp, October 02, 2023, 05:26:17 PM

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Thanks, tgbto. That's a good way to put it. If 600 is not enough, what's the point of buying an expensive machine that's limited to 600?

Ken, that argument kind of applies to everything. How much more are we willing to pay for nicer things in life? Am I willing to drop $200K for a Ferrari? Well, no! Not nearly worth it for me. Is a Ferrari guy willing to save $170K and drive my Pilot? Not likely. Same with sharpening, just depends on the man. Like the old saying goes 'you pays your money and takes your choice'.

Now, a practical question. Whom would you recommend buying T4 from? I'm in CA.



Ken S


You ask a reasonable question. As forum moderator, I ask that any suggestions regarding individual dealers be made off forum via PM. Members, please respect this; I really do not want to delete replies.

In the US, Tormek has MAP, meaning "Minimum Advertised Price". Pricing should be consistent at all authorized. Any special pricing should be factory authorized and available through all dealers.

My advice would be to focus on long term service and not worry about "getting a bargain". Over the years, you will probably spend more on jigs and accessories than on your initial machine.

The other investment I highly recommend is in studying the Tormek online classes. These are comprehensive, free of charge, and taught by Tormek's staff.I have watched all of them at least twice, and many more times with some of them. I learn more with each rewatching.



Thanks, Ken. Fair and reasonable.

I did watch many of the Tormek videos. Guys there seem v. thorough and skillful. It's a part of the reason I zoomed in on Tormek product.

I saw that prices are same everywhere. My ask for recommendation was in regard to dependability and buying experience. Look frwrd to PMs.