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Video, sharpening wide knives with T1

Started by Ken S, June 13, 2023, 04:36:03 AM

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Ken S

225 BESS, I noticed that also and was somewhat underwhelmed.  ::)

I like the T1; however, I would classify this large of a knife as "possible, but not an ideal candidate" for sharpening with the T1. I gather this may have been his first attempt with this knife. Hopefully future sharpenings would yield better BESS numbers. (Ideally I would have used a larger Tormek with the US-430 and KJ-45.)



It would be interesting to know what ballpark BESS score other experienced Tormek users get with a T-1. But at 225, either there is a large un-honed burr, or there are cheaper alternatives to get such scores.

The knife doesn't look like it is incredibly wide for a chef knife, or is it ?

Ken S

I watched this video again this morning after reading the comments. I also watched the Tormek online class on the T1 again, linked here:

My collection of around a dozen kitchen knives does not include a Serbian chef knife. This is not a comment on the knife itself; eating little meat, I just have not found a need for it.

I do not feel that the BESS testing in the video is a definitive evaluation of the T1. There are too many other factors involved. The knife was sharpened at the factory angle; however, the convexing was not preserved. In my opinion, the knife design does not fall within the primary design parameters of the T1. because of its height, it is necessary to remove the angle jig to sharpen it. The jig accommodates knives up to 60mm tall, the range of almost all kitchen knives. No other designation for the steel is given other than "stainless". This may or may not be a problem; we don't know.

I like the T1 for its intended purpose. It is very convenient as a sharpener kept and used in the kitchen. I think Samuel has the right idea. Sharpen the knives as needed and hone frequently. (He hones each time before cooking.) Keep the T8 in the garage as the ready reserve.