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Wider Hand Plane blades not square

Started by Mrjpsmith, June 16, 2023, 05:30:02 AM

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I have sharpened many chisels and can micro adjust the jig to get then square.  However, this is the first time I have sharpened my no.5 1/2  plane blade. when adjusted as if i am going for a square blade there is a camber with the middle being the longer section.  it looks as if I loosened both camber adjustments a turn each. I can assure everyone that they were snug.  Mu question is do wider blades naturally camber because you are sharpening on a wheel?

Ken S

With the two adjustment screws tight, you should be grinding your blade straight across. However, both plane blades and chisels have always needed extra attention with finger pressure. Frequent checking with a small square should resolve the issue for you.

The 5 1/2 is a very versatile plane. It was a favorite of the late David Charlesworth. He used it like a panel plane, much favored by traditional English woodworkers.



It might also have to do with going too far off the wheel on either side, increasing pressure and time spent grinding the outside sections of the blade.

This effect might be even more noticeable if the edges of the wheel are not rounded off after truing.


Hello all,
Newbie Tormek user here but I have been woodworking, using and sharpening chisels and plane blades for 45 years.
I thought I might just chip in with an observation. I am extremely pleased with my new T8. It has taken a bit of time to get used to using it but generally the results have been superb. I have however noticed one little issue which may be relevant to this problem.

There is a slight design problem with the SE-77 jig which I have not found any comments about on this forum.

On the Universal suppprt there is a slight bevel on the end. See photo, (if it works... 8)

When you slide the SE-77 jig along to the end with the end stop screwed in place, there is a slight play and therefore a dip and the jig moves out of alignment a little. This may be enough to put an unintentional camber on a wide plane blade.

Even though I want to use all of the stone when I am using the jig I have to stop just before getting to the end to avoid this dip in the alignment.

The jig could be improved by having a slightly longer (maybe by just 10mm) 12mm insert which would then keep it still well centered on the bar whilst going all the way to the end stop. Extending in the direction like in this photo (again, if the photo works!)

So, if this is the problem in this case, then avoid going right to the stop end. A better solution would be to make a new slightly longer plastic insert for the jig. I can easily make a new insert and I am tempted to try this out but am not sure how the insert in the jig is fixed in place.


Ken S

Welcome to the forum, Danny. Your post is interesting and well written.

Is your out of square problem with both chisels and plane blades?

There is an easy (but expensive) way to make your support bar longer. Purchase a US-430. It is both longer and taller. It is just the hundred dollar ticket for long knives and cleavers.

The other choice is to shorten the distance needed. I like your wider bushing idea. Similar ideas would be to place 12 mm washers under the end stop bolt. The number of washers would be determined by the amount of shortening needed. A short spacer piece of 12 mm ID plastic pipe would do. So would gluing a piece of plastic to the inside of the 90° registration fence. That might convert your SE-77 to a SE-71, still more than wide enough for a 2 3/8" plane blade.

Just some possible thoughts.



Hi Ken,

thanks for the reply.
I was really just trying to suggest what I think may be the problem for Mrjpsmith with the wide plane blade.

As far as my chisel and planes go I basically noticed this issue early on so I just stopped going right to the end to avoid a change of alignment.
Its not really a big deal but it seems a small design flaw which would be easily resolved by a longer insert going inside. This would keep it still aligned on the normal 12mm diameter part of the USB as you get to the stop.
If you just add some washers or add something else outside the jig then the travel is reduced so you can't use all the stone. Not so different to just stopping it with my finger! :)
Anyway, not a major problem but something Tormek should really address in future with maybe a 15mm long insert instead of the 7.3mm flush one.

I have a lathe and mill so no problem if I want to make a longer insert in delrin. I think it is probably not worth the hassle removing the normal one and I will just make do.

Just something to keep in mind with certain tools.

Bye for now,
PS The SE-77 has been out for quite some time and I am surprised no one else has noticed or commented about this here (unless I missed it which is very possible..)