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grinding depth

Started by flyer, December 17, 2007, 02:42:59 PM

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A couple of weeks ago I purchased a T7.  I have a couple of questions regarding the set up of jointer/planer blades. First of all, when the manual talks about "cutting depth" what do they mean?  Is it the amount of steel removed from the edge of the blade?  Secondly, when doing the second planer blade, do you need to go through the entire set up again or can you just put the blade in at the setting form the first blade?  Just thought of a third question.  I have read in the posts that you can remove the limiters for doing longer planer blades.  How is this done?
Thanks, "Flyer"

Jeff Farris

Sorry for the delay in replying.  I'm kind of computer illiterate, and got locked out of my own house!  ;D

1) "Cutting depth" is the amount of steel to be removed from the planer blade.  

2) If you always do the most seriously damaged knife first, your settings will be correct for the rest of the blades in the set.

3) Take the roll pin that is pressed into the blade holder out.
Jeff Farris