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Why no articulating arm?

Started by 3D Anvil, March 23, 2023, 09:01:30 PM

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3D Anvil

If you're familiar with the Twice as Sharp scissor machine, you know that it employs a clamping mechanism that attaches to an articulating arm.  A similar system is used for flat hones. 

The benefit of that system is twofold, as far as I can tell.  One, it fixes the height of the clamp in relation to the wheel to prevent angle changes, and two, it allows you to rotate the knife on the vertical axis so you can maintain the same sharpening angle on the belly portion of the blade as you have on the straight portion of a blade, which is sometimes impossible with existing Tormek jigs.

For Tormek, I can think of two ways to approach this with respect to setting the sharpening angle:

1.  The clamp pivots up and down and there is a scale on the jig to indicate the chosen angle. 

2.  There could be an indexed height adjustment on the articulating arm itself.

In either case you would have to account somehow for varying stone diameter, unless it was only compatible with the diamond wheels (or other fixed-diameter wheels).

Who knows if it will ever happen, but I think it would be a worthwhile addition to the system.  I think it would be quicker to set up than existing methods, and it would eliminate the problem of variable sharpening angles on curved blades.  The clamp could also have variable stops to allow for proper convexing of shears or knives.

If you're not familiar with these systems, this is what it looks like:


Interesting idea and challenge. I don't think it's impossible, but it requires some thought and some calculations. I've been thinking a little along the same lines for a jig for convex blades but it's on hold right now.

Ken S

I use the Viel belt grinder modified with a variable speed motor. I use the Viel articulated arm and the TAS (twice as sharp) scissors clamp with the soft grip. The TAS clamp and the Viel articulated arm require a custom machined adaptor.

This rig works very well. However, it costs around the price of a T8. The Tormek scissors jig also works well and only costs a small fraction of the price of my Viel rig and the platform can do double duty as the base for a homemade small platform.

The real reason why Tormek does not make things like the articulated arm in the photo is that it cannot protect its investment with a patent. Most companies require the protection of a patent before investing in the expense of developing and tooling a new product.


3D Anvil

I hadn't thought of the patent issue.  OTOH, there are certainly quite a few Tormek clones using jigs similar to Tormek's basic knife jig.  Maybe they're paying royalties?