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Dust control from rock hard felt wheel

Started by, February 03, 2023, 02:04:21 AM

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I have just purchased the Durofelt rock hard felt wheel for my T-8 and have charged it with one micron diamond spray.  After drying I have been burnishing a chisel.  It does wonders for the chisel but continually emits a cloud of dust from the wheel.  Is this normal, or a breaking-in 'feature'.  Any suggestions for dust control short of hooking up a hood to my dust collection system?  Would there be less dust with the Tormek Japanese stone?
Thanks for any leads

Ken S


Check this video on the KnifeGrinders you tube channel.

I remembered Wootz (Vadim) mentioning something about working with a new felt wheel. I found it here starting at about 27:00.

It doesn't exacly match your situation; however, it leads me to believe it may just be part of breaking in a new felt wheel. I would try buffing several chisels and see if it goes away.

Please keep us posted.



Quote from: on February 03, 2023, 02:04:21 AMjust purchased the Durofelt rock hard felt wheel for my T-8 and have charged it with one micron diamond spray. 

Hi Ells, Is the 1 micron diamond spray your using alcohol or water based?  I'm looking for a 1 micron spray, but having a hard time finding the alcohol based stuff.  Where did you get yours?


Ells, I had this effect also. The reason was that I sprayed far too much diamond particles on the felt. After some time (about 10 knives) the dust disappeared.

I made my own spray, purchased diamond powder and mixed it with ethanol. Before spraying it you must shake it very well as this mixture settles very fast (wootz mentioned it clearly).

Hope it helps!



Found the alcohol based 1 micron diamond spray in a 2oz bottle at MSC Direct  for $53...not to bad.  I recall in the same video that Wootz mentioned that dust from the rock hard felt wheel is normal during the break in period, he also mentioned to never use water on the felt wheel, he didn't say exactly why though. I would guess there could be some concern about water taking much longer to dry deep in the felt, maybe swelling or softening the felt??   Drilon, I'd be interested in making my own diamond spray also.  Where did you purchase the diamond powder?


I got the diamond powder from China via In Germany it's

The price for 100 Karat = 20 gramms ist around 9 Euro/US$. It will last for years! The delivery time to Germany was around 20 days. But google in your country for diamond (polishing) powder. May be there is a local source.

In China the sizes are classified in W-numbers. See the list attached.

Good sprays you find in the drugstores.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

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I was on the search for an alcohol based spray in the US. I found Rock Peddler (MA, USA) and have used their spray for a little bit. Shipping was a bit excessive, even two states away, but since then I searched Etsy and found 1 micron diamond powder. Looked up videos on how to make my own spray and it's super simple. If you can't be bothered and have some extra money laying around, order from Rock Peddler otherwise I would go the etsy route. Either way you'll be set for a while.


Thanks for the lead ipielover! 

Does anyone know, or have experience on how often the diamond spray has to be reapplied??

3D Anvil

TechDiamondTools sells diamond powder on Amazon, if you don't want to risk Allie Express.  It's about $20 for 10 grams.