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Tip: Setting the Angle on Scissors

Started by cbwx34, January 29, 2023, 06:27:51 PM

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Apparently Tormek is starting a new series... here's the first one:

Knife Sharpening Angle Calculator:
Calcapp Calculator-works on any platform.
(or Click HERE to see other calculators available)

Ken S

Thanks for posting this, CB.

As much as I like the depth of the online classes, I can see also see the value in these short, one question videos. I look forward to the rest of the series.


PS Well done, Sebastien!


Interesting.  I can see where, if it works, "it doesn't get any easier than that"... 

And I agree, a short, specific point video like that is great. 

... but I've always just used the marker method to match the existing angles - and they sometimes differ between the top and bottom blades.  That is what I call it doesn't get any easier than...

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