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New Scissors Training DVD

Started by Ken S, July 22, 2015, 01:32:18 AM

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Ken S

Sharpening School covers knives, scissors and gardening tools. I have previously covered the knife part in the knife sharpening sub forum. I do not plan to review the gardening tools portion on this forum. The information is solid and well presented, however, it does not deal primarily with the Tormek.

I found the scissors sharpening portion of  Sharpening School especially  fascinating. Most of my sharpening has been with chisels, plane blades and knives. Scissors have been mysterious to me. Steve begins with an in depth discussion of how scissors cut. The close up videography is very well done and clearly supports his instructions.  Throughout the presentation the importance of maintaining the proper cut line is emphasized, as it should be.

I found the discussion of different types of scissors useful. The discussion includes very high end scissors as well as the "garden variety" most likely to be encountered. In addition to sharpening scissors, Steve deals with different methods of setting proper blade tension, burr removal, and completing the job. This goes far beyond just knowing how to put a sharp edge on a pair of scissors. It is the kind of knowledge one would expect from a professional sharpener.

After gaining an understand of how scissors function and are sharpened, Steve shows how to sharpen using the Tormek and another product. I found it intriguing that Steve generally chooses not to use the Anglemaster, instead using more simple and direct methods. As much as I like the Anglemaster, I do find it clumsy in some situations. I find Steve's simple method of angle setting with scissors easier to use.

Steve's in depth professionalism shows through in the section on lubricating scissors, both in the choice of lubricant and the method of application.

I would recommend Sharpening School, which includes a copy of Steve's book, Sharpening Made Easy, other material and some discount coupons. It is available from sharpeningmadeeasy .com for $150.  I consider it essential for anyone wanting to set up a sharpening business or increase his sharpening expertise.



Has Steve passed away?

Reason for asking is that emailing goes unanswered.


To quote Mark Twain, "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."
My email may no longer work, but I am still available but rusty at
Steve Bottorff; author, teacher and consultant on knife and scissor sharpening.

Ken S


I was much relieved when I read your reply to my email today. Good friends and good mentors are hard to find.

For those of you who are new to the forum, Steve's Sharpening School DVD is a must have reference for anyone thinking of starting a sharpening business. Here is a link:



Hi Steve,

Thats great news (your alive AND have a working email).

I just sent an enquiry.

Have a great day!