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Grinde Stone Stuck T7 with Stainless steel shaft and Easy Lock

Started by tooljunkie, January 12, 2023, 10:27:36 PM

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove the grindstone that is locked?
I have the T7 with the Stainless steel shaft and Easy Lock (MSK-250 Stainless Steel Shaft with EzyLock) but it has been stuck for quite a while, I have broken 2 of the Drive Wheels with Rubber Ring trying to loosen the grindstone so far.
I have tried using WD-40 (as directed by Tormek support and tried to loosen the nut using channel lock players as well but it will not budge.
I believe the nut is a left-hand thread.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks Dan
You can never have enough tools!

Sir Amwell

This may sound silly but have you used the tried and tested method of holding the grinding stone in your left hand, the honing wheel in your right hand and pulling your left hand towards you and your right hand push away from you?
This is the usual method for the T8. Not sure if it will work for a T7.


Yes I have done that many times in the past and it always worked well but after more than a year of not needing to remove the grindstone and it has been stuck ever since.

Thanks for your reply
You can never have enough tools!

Ken S

The issue of the stuck EZYlock seems to surface every year or two. Yes, it even happened to me a time or two several years ago.

I have been in frequent contact with support over the past few years. The last time this issue was posted, I emailed my concern to support. Support really went the extra mile. With multiple attempts, support was able to get the EZYlock to fail. These failures only occurred when the stone washer (the spacer between the shaft and the grinding wheel) was DRY. When there was a light coating of grease (only) on the side of the washer between the shaft and the washer, support had no failures.

Support also suspected that tightening the EZYlock by turning on the motor caused too much torque and might cause a jam. They recommended hand tightening. These two preventative measures should prevent jamming.

As a personal working habit, I routinely remove my grinding wheel at the end of each grinding session. I like to allow my grinding wheels to fully dry. This is probably overkill; however, between 200 mm and 250 mm, I have around twenty grinding wheels.

I suggest you email support (



Thanks for your reply and information Ken

I wish they would make the EZ lock nut with flat edges to remedy my issue but I know some people would tighten it with a wrench and would crack the stone.

I will use the e-mail address you gave me and try again.
You can never have enough tools!

3D Anvil

Ken S

Quote from: 3D Anvil on January 14, 2023, 05:18:42 AMVice grips are your friend.

I see your point, although I would try a heat gun or hair dryer first.
I would also recommend at least loosening and retightening the EZYlock occasionally.

Ken S

For some time I have been thinking about putting together a "warmup routine" for Tormek sharpening similar to the warmups athletes use. One good candidate for this would be to routinely loosen and retighten the EZYlock before each sharpening session. This would involve perhaps ten seconds. I suspect that overtightening is cumulative over time. A loosening/retightening routine would "reset the torque clock" to zero at the start of each sharpening session. With this simple routine, combined with occasionally lightly greasing the face of the stone washer facing away from the grinding wheel, and lightly hand tightening the EZYlock, should banish stuck EZYlocks forever.

Tooljunkie, I remember you from my early days on the forum. Have you been able to loosen your EZYlock? If we could get a dozen or two members like you and me to make the loosening/retightening part of our every session routine, I think we would have good supporting evidence for a good preventative program.

Be thinking about additional components for a routine warmup program.