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JS markings on older svd-185

Started by lvarner, January 24, 2023, 05:01:02 PM

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I have an older svd-185 (see photo) with JS marks for 1-5 (there is also a 0 imprinted but no accompanying mark).
I just received a TTS-100 and it references JS marks of 2-6.
Do the marks on my svd-185 correlate with the 2-6 on the newer svd-185's?
Do I just adjust/eyeball beyond the 5 indent to achieve the setting of 6?

Thanks!!  You cannot view this attachment.

Ken S

The original SVD-185 has jig setting numbers going to 5. The DVD in the woodturner's information box shows how Jeff Farris modified his 185 to provide a "6" setting to accommodate the Ellsworth grind. I am not sure whether or not later 185s had the 6 or not. (Although the Information Box linked here:

was made many years ago, it remains one of Tormek's finest video productions. I recommend it highly.

I considered the SVD-185 and TTS-100 to be Tormek's most advanced jig/set up tool combination. I now consider the redesigned SVD186R to be far superior in several aspects. The old Allen tightening screw could slip. The new ratchet and locking knob set up does not slip. (My Allen screw is somewhat stripped out.)
The 186 is machined of zinc, a nice upgrade. The tool clampon the 186 can hold larger gouges and holds tools more securely. The sliding tube of the 186 was shortened around 3/4", making it more usable with the T4. All in all, the 186 is a real improvement, and worth the cost of purchase to replace the 185.



I agree.  The SVD-186 is far superior.  And you can use the SVD-185 shaft for sharpening turning cutters. 
Rich Colvin - a reference guide for sharpening

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