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T8 Buy or Not Please Help

Started by 300000114550, June 10, 2024, 12:02:07 AM

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I have loved sharpening knives for over 40 years. I sharpened on stones freehand for a long time. Later I acquired a TsProf. I have been looking at Tormek T8 for several years. I have a financial opportunity to purchase the T8.
Can those who have a T8 that sharpens kitchen knives, Victorinox pocket knives, axes and wood chisels give me the right time.
These are mainly the things I will sharpen.
Are you happy with your tormek.
Why do several forums say not to buy the tormer but a belt grinder?
a guy who hesitates.

Ken S


Welcome to the forum. You can't go wrong with the T8 original model. The standard issue SG-250 grinding wheel is designed for the tools you want to sharpen. I suggest you start with wood chisels of medium width.They are the easiest tools to sharpen and can teach you a lot.

Belt grinders? I have two of them and like them. I converted both of them to variable speed DC motors, custom brackets, and reversing switches.It makes them much more useful, but also considerably more expensive. they can grind very fast, although can easily overheat edges. Personally, I would choose the Tormek T8.

Keep us posted.



Quote from: 300000114550 on June 10, 2024, 12:02:07 AM...
Why do several forums say not to buy the tormer but a belt grinder?

Biggest reason is time... mainly those who do volume sharpening, sharpen "while you wait" setups like a farmer's market, or simply those that don't want to spend much time sharpening.  Initial investment can also be a factor... (although over time buying belts may negate that.)

Some also argue that the "hollow grind" is inferior, but I've never seen evidence to support that, and personally haven't found it an issue.

There are other reasons given, but I think time is usually the biggest one.

If you enjoy sharpening, you'll enjoy using the Tormek.
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Ken S

Good thoughts, CB.

I remember when hollow grinding was all the rage in the 1970s. Most of us had six inch dry grinders, with friable wheels often worn down to five inches. These small wheels did produce a significant hollow. Not so with Tormek ten or eight inch wheels.

I enjoy sharpening. I hope you do, too.


3D Anvil

I think CB pretty much covered it.  I have both and would never use a 1x30 on a knife I really cared about, even though I have a DC unit with variable speed.  Those who use them swear that heat isn't an issue if you use them properly.  They may be right, but I am dubious.  I use a relatively low speed and I'm careful to dip the blade in water to prevent overheating (I rarely see the "pros" doing that).  What I notice is that the water evaporates almost instantly as the edge passes over the belt, and that's a centimeter or more from the apex.  Of course what really matters is the heat within 1 mm of the apex.

Now, I could set the belt speed *really* low and thus avoid any possibility of detempering, but then there would be no speed advantage over the Tormek.