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In-person class or lessons in Southern California?

Started by Bleo, December 05, 2022, 07:15:20 PM

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I've been struggling with knife sharpening on the tormek and really every other method for quite a while now. I've spent countless hours reading, watching youtube video's etc. I understand the steps required and the theory (mostly). I would benefit hugely from even a little hands on time with someone that knows what they are doing. I have no doubt with a little hands on guidance I'd be on my way in no time. If there are any classes or users who would be willing to help out anywhere in Southern California I'm happy to drive quite a distance and pay for the privilege. No amount of additional reading or video watching is going to be sufficient for me, I'm just too dense.


Is the only thing I've found in all of southern california, and while it goes way beyond basic sharpening I'm considering taking the course if I can't find any alternative.

3D Anvil

Unfortunately I'm thousands of miles away, but you might also try posting in the "maintenance and tinkering" section of the Blade Forums, which is quite an active site, but obviously less Tormek-centric.

Ken S

Unfortunately, you missed one of the best, Terry Beech. Here is a recent obituary:

Terry Beech was well known to the staff of Tormek, Inc, Tormek's US branch located in Illinois. I would suggest you contact them ( They may be able to suggest teachers in your area.