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How to make chisel edges square

Started by Sir Amwell, November 06, 2022, 10:02:50 PM

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Ken S

Please note that the squaring procedure is done using the inside face of the grinding wheel. As the inside face is never used for grinding, it is probably square with the outer rim.

It would seem prudent to check the squareness of the grinding wheel before initially using it.

This procedure is an example of how Tormek technique has evolved over the years. Tormek has never intentionally tried to keep these developments secret.
However, before the online classes, Tormek had no efficient way to share them with "the masses" (us). Over the years, through hanging around Stig at shows and many emails with support, I have been able to learn about some of these developments. I was always frustrated because this word of mouth method seemed inefficient. I have been delighted with the online classes. I have watched all of them at least twice, several of them multiple times. I learn more each time I watch them.

The SE-77 opens up many new possibilities, especially with controlled cambering of plane irons. These new capabilities also bring a longer learning curve. In my opinion, it is a good trade.


Sir Amwell

Thanks all for your help. I managed to get good square edges by being patient. Repeatedly using the marker method to check progress. That last batch of chisels turned out well.
Thanks for the link Ken. Hadn't seen this particular part of the Tormek video and it makes sense. A good tip to remember.
As for the post before about how we can be sure the stone is square when we true using the support bar?
Well I think the reply from Ken answers that. In more detail:
True the stone.
Check it's square to the back of the stone.
If it's not then Stigs method won't work.


Can this procedure be used with diamond stones? 

Ken S

Good question. Stig's tip of placing the chisel against the side of the wheel should work very well with diamond wheels.

Two things to be aware of:
Never use the TT-50 truing tool or the stone grader with diamond wheels. Never, or you will ruin the wheels.
Using the side of the chisel to check for square presumes that the chisel itself is square.

Stig's tip is fast and accurate. I continue to keep my markers and square handy. Incidentally, I emailed support about the possibility of adding the small, very handy square included with the 50th Anniversary model in the product lineup. Tormek has not made a decision about stocking it as an accessory, or what the price might be.



defintely won't use truing tool on dimaond stones.  Reason i asked is that on my T4 one side of the diamond stone is plastic that goes towards the motor so wasn't sure if thats a good reference point
That little square is nice, I ended up getting one from amazon.  tiny japanese machinist square, seems to work great. 

Ken S


Stig's tip works with the diamond wheels, if a minor variation is introduced. The plastic inside face is square, but slightly indented. Placing a gift card or something similar will compensate for this indentation. (It's OK if it makes the indentation a bit proud. The plastic spacer card becomes the reference surface.