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Changing the design parameters of the KJ-45

Started by Ken S, May 22, 2023, 04:33:16 PM

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Ken S

We first encountered the concept of modifying design expectations with Herman's Homemade Small Platform. The SVD-110 platform is an essential tool for larger tools like turning scrapers. While is serves this function well, it is, in my opinion, clumsy for small knives. I do not sharpen carving knives; however, looking at the Tormek drawings, it appears that the SVM-00 should work well with carving knives with round wooden handles. I have found it clumsy with small pocket knives and other small bladed knives.

I found this video by Paul Seymour of Arlington, Virginia. Although he and I have some different ideas, his technique seems very solid. His homemade small knife jig seems quite practical. Here is a link to his video:

Meaning no disrespect, I might approach this differently. I would base my idea for a small knife jig on an existing KJ-45. This would be designed only for small knife blades ranging from pen knife very small blades through smallish pocket knives. For these purposes, the "non adjustable" criticism of the KJ-45 is meaningless. These blades are essentially all minimum width. The flexibility of insertion depth in the clamp should prove adequate.

This design has no need to handle thick "Bowie Knife" blades. Nor does it need to handle long blades. It also does not need thick clamp jaws.

I envision this jig as a complement to the regular jig. it will not be used to sharpen larger knives, only small knives which do not fit well in the standard jigs. Thoughts?



I would agree that a modification of the KJ-45 should work great, if you have access to a milling machine it would be even easier.  I can imagine taking the plastic components off and taking about .125" or more off each side and then thinning the clamp to allow clearance when clamped so close to the cutting edge.  I haven't done the math to ensure clearance is possible but I'm pretty sure it would be.  Before I invest in a new clamp I will certainly check to ensure I can achieve the clearances I will need but thanks for planting the seed, I too am looking for a better solution when sharpening small pocket knives.

Ken S

A dozen years ago, several of us on the forum developed "Herman's Homemade Small Platform", a very useful tool. The larger Tormek version worked fine for larger turning scrapers, but was too wide for small knives. The large version needed to be reset after the first bevel was ground. The small version was narrow enough so that the full bevel length of both sides could be ground without resetting the platform. This provided a substantial reduction in per knife sharpening time.

Herman's version utilized the platform of the scissors jig. This had a lower center of gravity, which worked much better than my version which used the large platform as a base.  I went through several prototypes, as I believe Herman did also.

None of us had commercial motives. We shared our ideas freely. CB later added his idea based on the T2 knife jig. I like CB's idea the best. unfortunately, the cost of the parts seems prohibitive.

I look forward to future forum inspired innovations.