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BESS scores and sharpening path

Started by austijp, May 04, 2023, 04:14:34 AM

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Thanks for the encouragement,

I believe that ethics and integrity should be our #1 focus.  I want to be sure my clients are genuinely pleased and spreading good news and  words of satisfaction when they mention my work. Right now when it's free the feedback is positive but I would assume the critics will be a little more vocal when they have to hand over their hard earned cash.  I'm hoping to retire soon, that's when I'll pull the trigger on the business, I'm not looking for a full time gig just something that will help keep me busy and supply a little play money.

Ken S

Imagine you are the customer. If the customer chooses to have a very high priced famous sharpener, high expectations seem appropriate. Using a local more reasonably priced service, I think the quality of the sharpening job should match the cost. A workmanlike job for a workman's price.


3D Anvil

Of course you can adjust your pricing based upon the results you're getting and how you feel about value of those results.

One sharpener on Youtube offers a low cost option which produces edges expected to be in the 200 BESS range, and he offers a higher cost "super sharp" option that seems to deliver sub-100 BESS scores.  He uses the Ken Onion blade grinder for the cheaper service and Tormek for the super sharp service.  His channel: