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Bench Height For Knife Sharpening

Started by Thy Will Be Done, October 27, 2022, 11:40:30 AM

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Thy Will Be Done

I've seen it mentioned with the Tormek manual for the SVM-45 jig that for knife sharpening the best bench height is between 22-26".  This goes against other recommendations I've seen for 29-32".  I have tried the higher height range and it doesn't work with me at 5' 7".  29" leaves my arms a bit higher than waist high and I'm going to try around 25-26" next.  Anybody else have similar experiences here or have anything to offer?

3D Anvil

The wooden cart I use is 24.5" high and it works well for me.  I'm 5'8".


I'm 5'6" and my bench height is 24.5" for a T-7 and 25.75" for a T-7 set up for edge trailing with a FVB.