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Custom drip guard

Started by Dougie, October 05, 2022, 12:48:44 AM

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I want to share pictures of a drip guard I just finished for my T-8.  I love the machine, my only complaint about it is that wide blades tend to cause water to run off the edge onto the machine housing, and then on to the benchtop.  This drip guard sits very close to the stone (less than 1/16") so any water gets wicked back to the basin. 

Tormek: PM me if you want the patent rights  ;) ;D


Woah, that's really nice looking. Did you machine it out of solid copper ?


That's nicely made. good idea!


It's just thin copper sheet and brass tubes soldered together.  I cut the parts out with a jeweler's saw.  It bolts down in place of the handle, but with a little more work another handle could be added.