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NEWS: New Tormek web - new forum adress.

Started by Hugo Öhman, September 26, 2022, 09:01:11 AM

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Hugo Öhman

Tomorrow Tuesday september 27 is a big day for the Tormek team working with content and marketing. We are launching our new website which has been in the making for quite a while now. This will be the first step in building and enhancing our communication with our fantastic users and curious future users. Many new features and much more to come. It is based on a completely different platform that will perform much faster and provide many new possibilities for us and our visitors. This given, the forum will have a different URL (address), but of course, linked from our webpage as before. The forum will also be moved to another provider. The new address will be and most old links will be redirected to the new address.

We hope that the switch will go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible but are also humble before any technical issues there might be. Hope you all will be as well. We are doing this for you guys  :)

Wish us luck and we will hope for the best.
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I guess that's a perfect occasion to thank you guys at Tormek for supporting an open discussion on your products is this forum.

I'm sure this is a very good strategy to ensure that your products will remain ahead of their competitors for many, many more years. We're lucky that your high-quality products are backed by a no-nonsense PR strategy, with this forum and the very useful online sessions !

I'll be refreshing the webpage tomorrow to get an early look at the new website.

Many thanks,


Ken S


Thank you for posting your notice of the website and forum changes beginning tomorrow. After we have had a brief period to become accustomed to the changes, would you please post again describing the changes and improvements?

On a personal note, I refer to the online classes frequently, both for my own reference and in replying to questions.
I would find a dedicated tab for a sequential listing of all the online classes most useful. Thank you.


Ken S

The new website is up! It integrates the traditional website with more complete and efficient navigation of the online classes.
Well done, Tormek!



Rich Colvin - a reference guide for sharpening

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New site looks good. I will explore it more as time permits.
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