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Mounting horizontal base on a 2000 how-to?

Started by Nccutter, September 29, 2022, 04:12:01 PM

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New owner of an older model 2000. Wonderful community and resources here and doing my "research" and ordering some upgrades for this machine. I still have to register my machine but right now my big question is how to mount the horizontal base on this thing (and get it "square" to the wheel) I did a search but maybe my terms weren't accurate enough. It has a large sticker with instructions on the top where it would be mounted but no holes as far as I can tell.
Anyone have a link or can post the procedure for doing this accurately?


So I did a Full internet search and found a Tormek live session on upgrades and they mentioned the mount comes with instructions on where to drill the holes.
Feel free to chime in with any other recommendations!

Ken S


Good question. Too bad you didn't post it last week (with the older website). Tormek has a booklet with mounting instructions for the XB-100.With the earlier website, it was one click away when you pulled up the XB-100. This feature was apparently overlooked in the initial launching of the new website. No problem. Send an email to support ( and ask them to email you the instruction booklet for mounting the XB-100.

Once you have the instruction sheet, if you are not comfortable with your metalworking skills, it is an easy project for a local machine shop. It is just a matter of accurately locating and drilling four holes. (maybe tapping them, too)
Minimum shop billing time should give the machinist time to do it and have a cup of coffee, too. This is what I would do.

Keep us posted.


capt rich

Just did my 2000 last week. Take off leather wheel, reach under the top and find the first hole. After that you can locate the others easy. Need correct phillips screwdriver, self tapping screws are tough to turn in. I put a drop of loctite on each, not taking them off.


thanks for the tip! I will read the instructions and use the "locating" method if needed when I get it.