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T2 or T4/8?

Started by Ken S, July 13, 2022, 01:15:14 AM

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Ken S

When Tormek introduced the T2 several years ago, it was introduced as a specialty machine for chefs and restaurants. It was never intended to be a general purpose sharpening machine. The T2 generated a lot of interest among the knife sharpening community, even though Tormek has always stated that sharpeners would be better served with a T4 or T8.

Since that time, Tormek has redesigned the T2 knife holder and introduced the DE-200 1200 grit diamond wheel. Tormek now has diamond wheels available for the T2 (and T4) in the full 360, 600, and 1200), the same range as the the D-250 series. While there is no 4000 grit stone for the T2, the gap between the T2 and the T4 and T4 and T8 seems smaller. I hope Tormek will have another online class next season showcasing the new T2 features.