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Question about honing an Ellsworth shaped bowl gouge

Started by Tlytle25465, May 10, 2022, 10:04:18 PM

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Trying to sharpen and hone my Ellsworth shapes 1/2" bowl gouge with my new Tormek T-8 and the tool does not line up with the honing wheel.   
The set up is JS = 6, P = 65 & Hole A on the jig

Here is how things line up.  Should I just hone by hand or am I missing something?


I hone by hand.  Be sure to hone the flute also.
Rich Colvin - a reference guide for sharpening

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Ken S

Welcome to the forum, Tom.

When I read your post, your Projection setting didn't look right. I thought it should be 75mm. Ifound a Nick Agar video. Here is the link:

At around two minutes, Nick explains the Ellsworth set up with the Tormek. Your A and jig setting 6 are correct. Your Projection should be 75 mm.

I don't seem to be able to locate my source video; however, I recall a suggestion (I think by Glenn Lucas) to set the TTS-100 for honing and then raise the microadjust one turn. This lets the honing concentrate on just the cutting apex of the edge.
EDIT: I found the source. It is the Tormek Basic Honing Online Class with S├ębastien and Wolfgang, starting at around 51 minutes.........

Here is a link to a good Glenn Lucas video:

Keep us posted.