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well done extensive Glenn Lucas Tormek sharpening video

Started by Ken S, February 17, 2022, 10:26:19 AM

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Ken S

This Glenn Lucas Tormek sharpening video is refreshing. It contains material I have not seen before. Most gouge sharpening videos cover the protrusion, distance and jig setting and leave out the effect of the amount of swing. This video includes swing for various bowl and spindle gouges. Most videos cover sharpening parting tools with the multijig. Glenn shows this, also. However, he also demonstrates sharpening flat parting tools using the platform jig.In my opinion, this offers better tool alignment. I also appreciate how thoroughly he demonstrates the use of the TTS-100, including using the marker to make spokes on the two metal wheels. This is not new;however, he covers it better.

I have long considered the TTS-100 and the SVD-186R Tormek's most outstanding set up tool and jig combination.This video puts them through their paces. For me, the gold standard of Tormek videos has been the video in the woodturner's box done by Jeff Farris many years ago. It still deserves a place in a Tormek woodturner's reference library. Now that gold standard distinction is shared with videos by Glenn Lucas and Nick Agar. Tormek has chosen its turning experts well.

Here is a link to the video:



Agreed...I just watched this video the other night after my brother dropped off his collection of wood turning tools for me to use the SVD-186R , TTS-100 and those yellow labels to mark all the settings on.   This is probably my favorite sharpening video..watched three times now.  Glenn does a outstanding job of showing you the sharpening techniques he uses for his gouges, parting tools, skewed chisels, how he uses them, along with detailed explanations of how the different angles are used to shape bowls, information that was not gone over in other videos.  Of course I had to buy the SVS-50 Multi jig right after I watched the video. :).