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thoughts on the T1

Started by Ken S, February 10, 2022, 01:10:16 PM

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Ken S

Tormek's mainstream machines have traditionally been sharpening systems for many tools. Tormek has also realized that knife professionals have some specialized needs. Tormek has produced specialized machines for the restaurant/food industry over the years, including the recent T2.

The newly introduced T1 is the first Tormek machine designed specifically for home chefs.
My knife sharpening needs fall squarely into that group. Although I am certainly no great chef. I do enjoy puttering around in the kitchen, especially working at the cutting board. I sharpen only my own knives, a modest collection which has become more than I really need over the years.
I am really more of a sharpener than a chef. I appreciate the quality of working with Tormek products. I would guess that many of our members are similar.

I have a sharpening corner in my basement workshop. I have enjoyed keeping my woodworking tools Tormek sharp. With increasing age, I spend less time in my shop. My T1 will stay in the kitchen area, always "at the ready". It is quite compact, heavy enough not to move around when in use, and delightfully almost silent in operation.

The T1 is both evolutionary and revolutionary. It has inherited the machined zinc construction for precision and coolness from the T4, later incorporated into the T8. The knife jig began with the T2. Tormek added easily cleaned protective pads. The built in magnet and easy bevel angle adjustment of the T2 were retained. Knife set up couldn't be easier or faster. The jig has a pointer which can be set to a range from ten to twenty degrees bevel angle (twenty to forty degrees edge angle).

The T1 is the first Tormek machine to produce only a flat grind. All grinding is done on the side of the 600 grit diamond wheel. The wheel is tapered, providing a large grinding area. I have always felt that the great hollow grind vs flat grind debate was much ado about nothing with the tiny bevel with knives with the large Tormek wheels. The 600 grit wheel balances cutting speed and smooth finish.

Tormek does not mention it; however, the jig on the T1 is self centering. As the knife is inserted into the jig from both sides, both bevels are referenced off of the same plane. Both bevel angles are identical, regardless of the thickness of the knife. The same design also allows different bevel angles for particular knife users who require offset edges. The angle pointer is set for grinding the first side, then reset for the second side. (I can imagine the possibility of parts of this jig being incorporated into the T1's larger brothers at some point in the future.)

There are no length constraints with either grinding or honing. The rubber honing wheel is identical to the wheel on the T2. It works dry or moistened. I prefer to moisten it with a damp scotch brite pad. I like the feel of the damp surface. It feels smoother.

Tormek markets the the T4 and T8 machines for sharpeners; the T2 for restaurants; and now the T1 for home chefs. I have no plans of abandoning my larger Tormek machines in my workshop; however, I believe my T1 in the kitchen will be my go to machine for knife sharpening.

Just in case someone on the Tormek design team happens to read this: I would suggest one accessory for the T1. Both my Kitchenaid and Cuisinart have cloth covers proudly displaying the manufacturer's logos. I would like a cloth cover for the T1 proudly showing the Swedish colors of King Magnus III, blue and gold with the Tormek logo. It would be a focal point for my kitchen, proclaiming that here lives a Tormek sharpener.



Maybe you can answer this... I've was thinking, what's the difference between the T-1 and T-2 (aside from the obvious) and my question is, why can't the T-1 be used in a commercial setting?  Both seem to have a similar simple method, (basically the same technique), so is the motor not as robust, or what is the main difference, especially consider the difference in price (almost double for the T-2)?
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Tormek T-2 has a stronger motor and more diamond on the diamond wheel, well suited for professional use. They are also approved and built for
the different kinds of use.