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Grindstone longevity?

Started by Scot S., December 10, 2021, 02:11:53 PM

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Scot S.

Hey guys, first time posting here, thanks for having me. I'm just about decided to get myself a T4 bushcraft but I'm just wondering if anyone can give some sort of idea on how long the grinding wheels last on the T4? I'm sorry if this has been asked a bunch of times and I know it has a lot to do with how much you use it but I'm just probing for info before I commit.
For context, I'm a hobbyist blacksmith, bladesmith/knife maker and outdoor enthusiast. I'll be sharpening the knives I make(not a high amount in the run of a year), the kitchen/hunting knives that I own and probably my friends knives also, along with an occasional axe.
The reason I'm asking is becuase if the stone wears out considerably quicker than on the t8 then I may just opt for that one.


Ken S

Welcome to the forum, Scot.

Normally I am the head cheerleader for the T4. However, in your case, especially if you plan to do heavy grinding with your knifemaking, I would lean toward the heavier duty T8 maybe equipped with the SB-250 blackstone or diamond wheels. For just sharpening your knives, the T4 would be adequate
The safer bet would be the T8.


Scot S.

Hey Ken,
Thanks so much so much for your insight there. I do agree with you 100%. Putting an edge on a new, never sharpened blade will probably be some considerable heavy use and would be tough on the grindstone. I will likely save a few more pennies and opt for the T8, thanks about for the info, much appreciated.



Do you have a belt grinder? The initial shaping and sharpening can be done a lot faster on this type of machine. It is also versitile and worth the investment.
Sharpen the knife blade
Hone edge until perfection
Cut with joy and ease