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Revised, New Edition Tormek T2

Started by BeSharp, September 07, 2021, 04:42:52 PM

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"New! Revised Guide Clip, 8 Year Warranty

The new Edition of the Tormek T-2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener has a redesign guide clip that is lined so it won't mar knives, and it will accept larger knives than the original model too! Tormek has also given the T-2 an 8 year warranty, 5 years on purchase plus 3 years on registration.

The T2 can accommodate knives 14 - 60 mm (5/16" - 2-3/8") wide, and up to 3.5 mm (3/32") thick and it includes a removable magnet for capturing swarf. And now the guide clip is lined to prevent scratching knife blades!

Not on Tormek's site yet, but the above description is here:

Ken S

Good find, Chip!
I have emailed Tormek requesting information about availability as an upgrade and cost. I will post the answer.

ps Brian Pratt makes, or at least used to make, adhesive scratch protectors for the SVM 45 and 140. I have found these to work well. Unfortunately, I have misplaced Brian's contact information. He also made a universal set up device of his own design. Anyone with contact info, please post.


Ken, you just need to look at your old posts  :D.  Actually searching Google for Brian Pratt and Tormek gave it to me.

Quote from: Ken S on May 22, 2020, 05:48:17 AM
Welcome to the forum, Jeff.

Brian Pratt makes the protective covering you are looking for. I purchased a set of two from him, one for the SVM-45 and one for the SVM-140. I like them. Brian is a Tormek user and knife sharpener.

His company is Bootheel Customs in Missouri. His contact email is

Sharpen the knife blade
Hone edge until perfection
Cut with joy and ease

Ken S


hi ken,
any new info about the new guide clip?

Ken S

All quiet on the Swedish front. No new word about the new T2 knife jig. I gather there are no plans to retrofit the jig to the present T2 model or T4 or T8.