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T2 Training - London

Started by JoshR, March 24, 2021, 10:12:02 AM

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Hi all!

I hope you're really well. I run a small knife company here in South London. We've just purchased a T2 and are desperate to find someone who could come and show us how to use it! This would be a paid opportunity, of course. And we can run the session outdoors if needs be.

Fingers crossed!



Hi Josh,

Welcome to the Tormek forum, and congratulations on your purchase.  I'm sure you will enjoy the T2.

As a starting point have you seen the Tormek's own T2 video on YouTube?  I found it quite informative.  I think the jig on the T2 is quite straightforward in terms of learning but appreciate that the honing has a bit of an 'art' to it. 

I'm an experienced T8 user, and based in West Sussex.  If you're stuck I could help out as there is a lot that is transferable across devices.  My only issue is time/availability (as in not a lot of it). 

Feel free to PM if you'd like to discuss further.

All the best,