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What Face Shield u use?

Started by Talimaeveli, March 15, 2021, 03:05:20 PM

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Greetings to all turners) I have just started to create my products with lathe. And I want to find some kind of face protection, I looked on the Internet but there was nothing suitable there.This one looks good from Uvex.. But I decided to ask you, maybe someone is more interesting?


You should check the American Association of Woodturner's forum.  There are a number of threads there where various turners discuss what they use and why.
I use an positive air pressure system from Trend.  I think it is the AirShield Pro.  Not inexpensive, but the savings to my lungs with having clean air is worth it to me.  In the end, this is less expensive than lung cancer would be.
Good luck,Rich
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I use the Uvex Bionic face shield for all of my bowl turning. Although these days most of my work is spindle-type turning and for that, I go with standard safety glasses and a dust mask.