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Large Roughing Gouge

Started by Tamworthturner, January 17, 2021, 05:30:36 PM

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I have a large roughing gouge 1 3/4" so too large for the SVS-50 Multi Jig.

Has anyone got any tips for sharpening it on the Tormek or any shop made jigs that would help?

Thanks in advance.


I have had some success with taking a 1 inch thick piece of squarely cut hardwood and drilling into it well sized and placed holes for the edges of the gouge to slot into, then removing enough material between the holes to fit the gouge in there.  Essentially, make a wooden donut with grooves on the inside 180 degrees apart, sized to hopefully slide on with absolutely no play.  A set screw can clamp the gouge down.  A drill press is needed to keep the holes perpendicular to the front face of the block--the only outer surface that even needs to be flat and true.  For a gouge nearly 2 inches, maybe radially split wood would work, as it doesn't warp much when wet.  If not that, then endgrain wood, which should not move at all.  The fit of the grooves is important; the gouge should not be able to wobble left and right when tightened down with the screw.  If the gouge is tapered much in thickness, this could be difficult.


If the roughing gouge is so curved as to form a full semi-circle, then the screw should apply pressure from the bottom of the gouge.  Also, some sort of simple v-block and a clamp might work.  The perimeter needs to be a semicircle though so when the gouge is twisted there remains support against the USB.  I am more of a kook than maybe you imagine, so take these suggestions with a grain of salt.



Consider using a collar.  The collar will give you a reference surface for the alignment of the gouge to the universal support bar. 

You can get big ones at places like McMaster-Carr.   They have them up to a 6" opening, so I believe one would fit your gouge.

You will have to replace the set screw with a longer one, but it will work. 

Rich Colvin - a reference guide for sharpening

You are born weak & frail, and you die weak & frail.  What you do between those is up to you.


Thanks for your suggestions.

I have decided to give the collar method a go an ordered one today. Once it arrives I'll get a suitable screw and let you know how I get on.