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Two raves!!!

Started by John S, December 14, 2020, 12:02:55 AM

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John S

I want to mention two great experiences I have had with this Tormek community we are part of.

1- First one is with Tormek themselves.  I bought my T-8 about a year ago and have been happily sharpening since then.  Recently I obtained a CW-220 composite wheel to replace my leather stropping wheel and experiment.

After installing the CW I noticed wobble bad enough that it made the knife rock back and forth while I was trying to evenly strop with it. I reinstalled the leather wheel and it had the same wobble that I never noticed before. Having never used another T-8 I did not know what was normal. The leather was soft enough to make the wobble insignificant.  I was a na├»ve user. I traced the wobble to the drive wheel (the CW rests against it).

I sent a short video to Tormek customer service showing the issue and my measurement process. Within 24 hours I had their email answer agreeing the drive wheel was defective. They contacted Tormek USA and within a few days I had a new drive wheel at my door.  Problem SOLVED!!.

Outstanding customer service was this.  Assuming we are all human and manufacturing errors happen, it is how the follow-up is handled that shows Tormek's true desire to remain a first rate company.  Guess who will praise Tormek every time opportunity that presents itself?

2- The second rave goes to Woots aka: Knife Grinders. I contacted him ready to purchase some accessories for my T-8. After a description of what I wanted to accomplish he steered me away from that big purchase and suggested more self-education and a better way to proceed with my present Tormek equipment. Instead of the easy path of making a sale for a tidy sum, he made sure I was on the correct path for my stated goals.  This man has earned my respect and any business I can send his way.  And I will still make a wiser purchase as a more educated sharpener.

Two praise worthy events from the Tormek community. Awesome group!!


Ken S

Excellent, John. Thanks for sharing!



Lovely to read - thank you for sharing John. 


I agree perfectly with your thinking.
The availability of Tormek is as impeccable as that of Vadim and you will surely also find a lot of availability among the various members of the forum.
Kindly yours