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Micro Bevel

Started by Byron, September 20, 2006, 03:50:25 PM

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Jeff, I am about to start my first sharpening my DeWalt planner blades.  As you know they have two angles.  The cutting (edge) angle surface is very small on the original blade.  Behind the first angle is another angle that constitutes the remainder of the angle combination. Using the felt pen method for identifying the correct angle should I mark only this small (leading) edge and grind it?  I hope this question is clear.

Jeff Farris

What you are seeing on the DeWalt blades is not a difference in angle, but a difference in how two steels respond to the same abrasive.  The DeWalt blades are laminated from two steels, soft on the back and hard on the cutting edge. The harder steel does not cut as easily as the softer backing steel, and so it takes a different surface finish. It should be one continuous angle.
Jeff Farris


That's what I figured but I didn't want to seem stupid.  Anyway the session went pretty well.  The suckers are sharp.  BTW I didn't see any reference to which grit to use.  I opted for the 1000 and it seemed to work pretty well as the blades weren't in that bad of shape.

Man these suckers are hard to work with.  their just too sharp! ;D