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First use of jig

Started by Byron, September 20, 2006, 05:54:24 PM

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I had posted a question to Jeff concerning angles on DeWalt planer blades and couldn't wait for the answer.  I jumped in gave it a whirl.  The short story; it worked great.  I have three cuts on my right index finger to prove it! ;D  I also used my grader advancer for the first time to prepare the stone.  What a tool!  I highly recommend one.

The biggest problem I had was setting the angle.  The cutting surface on these blades is very small and it was difficult getting it right.  Once I got by using the felt pen marker method and setting the depth it was a breeze.  The really nice thing about this jig is that once you get the first edge where you want it, the remaining blades are trouble free.  I wasn't sure they were"sharp" enough so I checked them against a brand new set I has just bought by just feeling the edge.  The Tormek job as sharper!

The water mess wasn't that bad.  I did tilt the motor with a piece of 1/4" plywood under the base and it did help.  I think that I am going to remove the mechanical stop.  I have 13" blades that I need to sharpen and now that I know how the carrier works I don't think not having it in place will be a problem.

One last note.  I hate honing!  I just don't have the "feel" for it but I try my best.  Honing these VERY sharp, flexible, long blades is dangerous.  It took me a while to get it.  Make sure you aren't too aggressive with pressure because if it catches it may very well cut you!

Jeff Farris

Try honing with the blades still in the blade holder.  It is much safer that way.  Work from the side. Don't try and get all the way to the right end, as it can catch.  Do the last inch with the blade out of the holder.

Glad your first experience was a good one.
Jeff Farris


Great tip.  That is one thing I hadn't considred.  I still have my 13" blades to sharpen but I wanted to sit back and think about the process.  I'll use the holder during that session and see how it works.  BTW, thanks for the tip about removing the stop pin.  The pin was nice while doing the 12" blades but having to move the blade for a 13" unit would be a pain.