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Wood carving kit

Started by devilford, September 07, 2020, 03:07:32 PM

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Hey buddy, I am Mr. ford. Recently i am looking for Wood carving kit and i purchased FLEXCUT Wood Carving Knives which is i think a good deal. I got its recommendation from this article on Best Wood carving kit mentioned below:-

Shared if any community member looking for Reviews and Buying Guide on  Wood carving kit.


thats just another top ten list


You can sharpen those tools very easily with the original SG grindstone and hone them perfectly on the leather wheel. 

Rich Colvin - a reference guide for sharpening

You are born weak & frail, and you die weak & frail.  What you do between those is up to you.


I am sceptical about a lot of these top## rating lists. I have found many are almost word for word the same. Another thing is that there are ties between the raters and the products as they will often omit ones that are in my opinion better products. Also be wary if they are reviewing yet to be released items. More often than not they are using marketing information supplied by the company and do not have the actual product in hand.

Some are legitimate but it often takes some work to separate them from the others. I have found Amazon customer ratings to be a pretty good indicator especially if there are a good number of them.
Sharpen the knife blade
Hone edge until perfection
Cut with joy and ease


I was browsing through some books and mora kept coming up so i purchased one. I found i the handle suited me so purchased a second. At a recent spoon carving course i found that they were using those for their students so have bought a third. Didnt like the axe they were using but talking to a number of people i eventually settled on a Gränsfors Bruk Kubben which suits my needs. Having done more on line research there seem to be loads of specialist makers and while pfiel do well for carving gouges, their knives dont get very good reviews. While top tens are useful to see whats out their, i tend to use that as my basis for research, especially when i cant handle them first.
While it is more expensive, im buying carving tools as i find i need them rather than getting a set but am very happy with mora laminated blades but while i have one stainless one, im now looking at hook knives with more specialised shapes and focusing more on carbon steel.