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Using a DWC-200 on a T4

Started by chiamsi, April 14, 2020, 01:52:02 PM

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it takes me quite some time to build a bevel on a destroyed blade, even if I use a higher angle to start.
Does it make sense to use a DWC-200 on a T4 for that purpose?
In that case, can I use it with or without water?


Ken S


The DWC-200 was designed as an optional coarse grinding wheel to be used dry with the T2. Even though most of the T2 is essentially identical with the T4 and it is a perfect fit with it, Neither the DWC-200 or the DWF-200 has ever been marketed for the T4. The T4 and T8 are marketed through different channels. I have been very pleased with how much faster the DWC-200 cuts than the SG-200.Itis a pleasure to use, although I would like it better if I could use it wet.

Tormek says to only use these two wheels dry. I do not know why the wheels were apparently designed to only be used dry. I hope they will be reissued someday as wet or dry. It would be a great boost for the T4.