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grinding wheel stuck on rusted shaft

Started by Ken S, April 14, 2020, 11:25:50 AM

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Ken S

This video shows what I believe is the most common cause for grinding wheels rusting fast to the shaft:

At around 2:00 we are told that he has not had the shaft off of his Tormek in about fifteen years. I suspect he is really saying that he has never removed the shaft. Granted that the early shafts were not stainless steel and prone to rusting, however, regular (annual) removal of the shaft for cleaning and regreasing of the nylon bushings would have revealed the early stages of rusting before it became a problem.

Even though a new set of nylon bushings is included with the EZYlock replacement kit, he did not replace them. Nor did he clean and regrease the original nylon bushings before installing the new shaft.

He made no attempt to free the frozen wheel with patience and penetrating oil. And, unbelievably, he made the comment that the grinding wheel was still usable, as long as it was used on the original, stuck shaft. Who would change shafts just to change grinding wheels?

What really surprised me was that this you tube is on the Axminster you tube channel. Axminster is the Tormek importer for the UK.

This video seems to reveal a real world problem. The real problem was not the shaft itself, but the lack of recommended maintenance over the years.


Twisted Trees

I agree, that video is abysmal. I may misuse and abuse some of my tools,  but I would be ashamed to admit it on YouTube! plus when you have new bushes in the box, why wouldn't you use them :o

Wonder if it may be connected to Axminster making a knock off T4 themselves ::)