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size of the DBS-22 foam insert

Started by bicycle freak, April 01, 2020, 06:08:15 PM

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bicycle freak

Could someone owning the DBS-22 please send me the measurements of the foam insert of the package? I'm intending to build a tool cabinet for my Tormek stuff with drawers. I'm still owning a Drill Doctor, hence no immediate need for the DBS-22, but I would like to plan for an extra drawer in the cabinet that fits the insert for DBS-22 along with Hand Tool Kit or Woodturners Tool Kit. Thanks a lot in advance!



Mine didn't come with an insert, but I made one using two 3cm sections of Kaizen foam to fit the drawer of my Tormek cart.  My DBS-22 insert is 38cm wide, 28cm deep, and 6cm high. 

bicycle freak

MikeK, then I need to follow your approach and will plan for a lower size drawer. Thanks!