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TTS-100... but for wood *carving* gouges

Started by Jof, March 04, 2020, 07:23:09 PM

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Hello again.

I saw a video for the TTS-100 and it looks excellent for wood turning gouges. But I wonder; is there anything equivalent for wood carving gouges? I.e. it'd be fantastic to be able to set up a profile for a specific gouge quickly and repeatedly with just a few numbers. Ideally such a setup would give me the full range from small flat-ish #3 up to the biggest #9.

I have a suspicion this might be possible with the TTS-100 as-is but short of trying it, I can't quite bend my brain around all the possible shapes it could create!


Ken S


In my opinion, the TTS-100 is Tormek's most advanced set up accessory, especially when combined with the SVD-186 for turning gouges. Tormek holds the patent for using the two metal wheels to autocorrect for changes in grinding wheel diameter. You can literally go back and forth between the T4 and T8 with it and not change any settings. I use it to set up my bench chisels and plane blades. This is not a Tormek procedure; I devised it myself. I am convinced the TTS-100 can be used with some carving tools as well, however, you would have to sit down and devise these yourself, hopefully with some help from the forum. I have frequently posted my chisel and plane blade technique. I hope you will share both questions and solutions with carving tools.




I think that you may be right.  The issues I believe that you will encounter using the TTS-100 is that there are only 6 combinations:

  • hole A, 55 mm projection,
  • hole A, 65 mm projection,
  • hole A, 75 mm projection,
  • hole B, 55 mm projection,
  • hole B, 65 mm projection, and
  • hole B, 75 mm projection.

This results in fewer number of options for angles.  Turning tools are generally sharpened to an angle which is a multiple of 5°.  Carving tools need increments of 2.5° or less, depending on the wood.

And also, even the B hole may make the universal support bar to be too far away from the grindstone for short tools (which many carving tools are, especially palm tools like FlexCut).

But you could use that idea and make your own version.  Check out what I call the HanJig ( ).  Combine that with various projection fixtures and you would achieve the same easy repeatability.

Kind regards,
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