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T-4 with T-8 Leather Honing Wheel?

Started by pipen, January 14, 2020, 01:19:33 PM

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Hello to All,

This is my first post here and sorry for my bad english.

I have t-4 and wonder if i can mount T8 Leather Honing Wheel? T-8 has probably larger drive shaft rubber wheel but mybe still can be fitted to t-4?

I do knifes for hobby and have 250cbms, 10 inch paper wheels, FVB from knife grinders only thing i am missing is big honing wheel. I have that one on my Record wd250 but FVB wont work there.
Any info would be much apriciated.

Thank you.

Ken S

Welcome to the forum, Pipen

I wondered the same thing. (I have both size Tormeks.) The pins in the leather honong wheel which fit in the sockets of the drive wheel are spaced differently. Two suggestions:

First, a larger rock hard felt wheel in place of the grinding wheel. You would need s bushing.

Second, (This is CB's idea) a felt wheel mounted on the extension shaft used for the profile leather wheels.



Hmm,i can try to make adapter from WD250 honing wheel to use it insted of T4 grinding wheel.
At wd250 honing wheel can be removed and machine will still work.
Thanks for idea.

Ken S

Give it a try and please post your results.
Good luck.



Looks like this now. Didnt try yet but dont see any problems that i can have.