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Scissors for Kevlar

Started by Sam Sloane, December 28, 2019, 12:24:56 PM

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Ken S

Thanks for posting this, Kwakster. A good scissors sharpener should know about more than sharpening. If asked for advice on choosing scissors for kevlar, wouldn't it be nice to refer to a handy 3x5 index card and have the answer at your fingertips?



Quote from: Sam Sloane on December 28, 2019, 12:24:56 PMHi all,

I rarely do alot on facebook about stylist and grooming shears, but not alot out there on Industrial Shears....

Today I did 27 pairs of shears for a Composite Company......for cutting fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar.

I could cut the fiberglass, and the carbon, but none of my work was "stellar" when it came to the kevlar.   I was told to set the edge at 25 degrees by someone, but found the best for these was actually less than 15 degrees ( which my tormek gauge cant even measure, because the plastic bulge on the angle indicator actually touches the wheel....look for yourself!)

Does anyone have insight to what would work best for the kevlar??

Also, after doing about 15 pairs, I noticed my SB-250 Wheel was totally little waves running across the face of the this normal?....I have to resurface the wheel a few times to gring them out!


I used to do a fair bit of Fibre Optic cable joining in my job as a Comms Tech (recently retired).
Every pair of Kevlar Scissors I have seen and used have got very strong serrated edges.
I can not see a way of anybody being able to replicate such serration with any sharpening device that I have ever seen.
When ours started to get blunt...they went straight into the bin.
Despite their costs, we always saw them as a consumable item and always had a spare "new" set on hand.
Even a "slightly" blunt Kevlar Shear was an absolute pain to work with and not worth the hassle.