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Won't turn on

Started by adamleewy, December 03, 2019, 05:56:31 AM

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I spent about 2-3 hours truing and then sharpening a few chisels and a plane iron. At one point it just won't turn on. I switched outlets, and it came back on. I went on truing, and I hadn't tightened down the jig because it came loose and my wheel came to a complete stop/shut down. After cursing myself and properly setting up, I started it again, continuing to flatten the stone. After switching it off a few minutes later, it again wouldn't start. I've tried again intermittently for the last five hours with no success. I have certainly used it for longer and worked it harder than I did today. Any ideas on what could be wrong and what I should do?
I have the T4. I've used it maybe 8 times in the two years I've had it, usually about 2 hours each time
I've used it the better part of an afternoon before though. Always dried, cleaned, stored indoors.
Thank you

Ken S

This is definitely an issue for support. ( Please contact them
Also, please keep us posted with the resolution.


I emailed them, I'll post the response here.
Thank you.