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Bench grinder universal support arm stands

Started by tonytrend, February 16, 2023, 05:33:55 PM

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Does anyone produce the stands used to elevate and support the Tormek universal support arms like KnifeGrinders Australia used to sell? The stands were used with slow speed bench grinders and CBN wheels.

Ken S


Good question. I don't know of anyone else who sells these mounting brackets.
I have two suggestions:
1) These are simple devices. A local metal shop could easily and probably relatively  inexpensively make up some for you. A woodworking shop could do the same.
2)I have thought of making one for my own use. I would stack pieces of plywood (preferably baltic birch ply about 3 x 3" or 75mm) The pieces would be screwed or bolted together.

Another thought: Paper wheels originally needed faster speed in order to melt the wax. If you use diamonds instead of wax, Tormek speed might be adequate.



Hi Ken, was hoping to find some pre-made stands as I am setting up a commercial sharpening set up mimicking Knifegrinders Aus. But it looks as if I may have to fabricate some and will look for stainless steel or Aluminum to use as material. Thank U for sharing your ideas.