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Curved grooming shears

Started by TwistedMetalSTL, December 28, 2018, 01:16:24 AM

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Hi everyone. New to Tormek. My T8 will be arriving on Saturday! I'm really excited about it. My wife is s pet groomer, and one of the first questions she asked when she found out I ordered an $800 tool sharpener was "so will you be sharpening my grooming stuff from now on?" Haha! That's fair, I guess. She lets me get away with having a lot of expensive hobbies.

So, introductions out of the way, has anyone sharpened scissors with an inward curve on one of these, I'm not certain it can be done, because of the flat surface. Anyone try it yet?


Also, I hadn't searched the forum yet to see that this had already been covered. Oh well.



I've sharpened scissors with slightly curved blades, and it worked well.

I have also sharped pruning shears (aka, lopers).  These have very curved blades and again, the Tormek worked well.

Kind regards,
Rich Colvin - a reference guide for sharpening

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Thanks Rich. I'll examine it when it's delivered. If I can't figure it out how to do it, I'll come back.

Ken S

Welcome to the forum, Matthew.

I am not familiar with the kind of scissors you mention. If they are like salon shears, very expensive essential tools, our general advice is not to try sharpening. If they are fairly inexpensive and you can easily purchase replacements, I might give it a go. I would not like to see a forum member become the victim in a domestic homecide.  :(

Hopefully members with more scissors experience will reply.




TwistedMetal, based on my experience with scissors sharpening there is usually no problem with sharpening the convex blade. However, depending on the curvature of the blade, it may be difficult to sharpen the concave (inward curved) blade, because the Tormek grindstone is too wide for it. You can try to use the edge of the stone, but be careful, because the scissors jig control is more difficult in this case.  ;)

Please read also:


Ken S


These are the same as the curved veretinary/surgical scissors of the Mayo / Deaver / Metzenbaum type.
I've spent days and ruined a couple of them trying to sharpen on Tormek on the corners of the radius-edge wheel, but could not find a way to do it properly.
The Tormek scissors jig is not suitable for them, it is designed for general household, embroidery, fabric and tailor scissors etc.

I sharpen them manually using Spyderco Sharpmaker, but the result is far from excellent.
If only someone could figure out a way to sharpen them and show others how to... on Tormek or else powered machine.

Darrell C

I have sharpend my share of groomer and beautician  shears, each done on my Twice as .Sharp system , I have never done it on Tormeck , I see no problem doing groomers shears on Tormek, curve or not, but A big NO doing beautician shears on tormek, as they should be done on fine diamond and polished off burr.
Hope this helps.