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Help me to choose a chainsaw, please!

Started by Solange, September 06, 2018, 03:02:43 PM

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I need to buy a chainsaw for my husband. I was confused about finding information on the Internet, but there it is not enough. I found an article about  husqvarna . Help me choose the model. Thank you.


   As a quick snap answer, consider what your service shops are in your area. At sometime, the saw you purchase will need to be serviced (repaired). Having a competent dealer/repair shop close at hand is something I consider very important. In our area it happens to be Stihl. There are several good manufacturers of saws. But, I would not choose  them because of the lack of service for them locally. In your area, it may be a different manufacturer.
   How the saw will be used needs to be considered. Will it be used only for trimming around the yard or are you clearing a 50 acre that is overgrown?


Ken S


Elden has given you an excellent reply. Chainsaws need a lot of regular maintenance. Your best bet is to find a local dealer who provides outstanding service and purchase it from him. Future service is more important than price.