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T2 parts availibility

Started by Ken S, September 26, 2017, 03:35:58 PM

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Ken S

Knowing there might be interest among members who owned other Tormek models in the diamond wheels and rubber honing wheel of the T2, I emailed a Tormek guru friend at Affinity Tool, the US importer. (Please keep in mind that Affinity does not sell directly, any orders would have to go through an authorized dealer.) Here is his reply:

Ken, yes they will be available.

TOR-PW160    T2 Honing wheel  $ 79.00 MAP

TOR-DWF200  Diamond Wheel 600 Grit Fine - 200mm   $ 220.00 MAP

TOR-DWC200  Diamond Wheel 320 Grit Coarse - 200mm  $ 234.00 MAP

We do not have inventory yet tho.

Hopefully we will have information about these parts soon. CB, please keep posting your thoughts.



I would love to see the coarse wheel, especially in comparison to the SG stone, and time for chip removal.  The coarse wheel should have a longer lifespan then the SG and I could see the potential benefit of using that for chip removal/blade reconfiguring (be interested in this on your chisel tests), then switch to the SG for fine grinding, then lastly the SJ stone. I do think this would be overkill for the average customer, but might be beneficial to those of us who like to find old/used tools and refurbish them.
Favorite line, from a post here:
Quote from: Rob on February 24, 2013, 06:11:44 PM

Yeah you know Tormek have reached sharpening nirvana when you get a prosthetic hand as part of the standard package :/)

Ken S