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Grindstone diamond coarse

Started by Pierre26, May 21, 2018, 07:36:20 AM

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Do you think that the future coarse-grained diamond grinding wheel will be adapted to forest ax sharpening?


Ken S

Welcome to the forum, Pierre.

You ask an excellent question. I have emailed Tormek support for some information on this topic. I will post their reply.

The new diamond wheels and Multi Base will be available for sale in July. Looking at the promotional material for them, I believe both the diamond wheels and the Multi Base will dramatically increase the versatility of the Tormek.

I would divide sharpening into two components:
1) the technique, which includes both jig and freehand methods
2) the efficiency of the grinding wheel

Having never sharpened an axe, I cannot comment on technique. I have used the DWC-200, which is Tormek's 200mm coarse diamond wheel. This wheel was originally designed for the specialized T2, however, it works very for general work with the T4. The sharp diamond grains of the 360 grit wheel cut noticeably faster than the 220 grit aluminum oxide grains of the SG grinding wheel. Based on this, I am certain the new coarse diamond wheel will cut faster with axes.

I will be curious to read the reply from support. Please keep posting.



thank you for the home  :), indeed you have to have a good technique.
wait for the answer of tormek.

P.S sorry for my bad english language