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kitchen shear testing video

Started by Ken S, October 11, 2019, 10:53:07 PM

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Ken S

I like the America's Home Kitchen Test videos. This one on kitchen shears seem exceptionally informative. Good knowledge for sharpeners.


Herman Trivilino

I bought their best buy, J.A. Henckels take-apart kitchen shears, a few months ago from Amazon. I ordered one pair but got three! The take-apart feature makes them easy to clean and will make them easier to sharpen. Years ago Jeff Farris told me to sharpen only the non-serrated blade of a pair of kitchen shears on the Tormek, and that the serrated blade could be lapped by hand.
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My wife ordered a 4 pack of these from Kuhn Rikon for under $30. She got them without the S&H fee shown as part of some special they were running. They are a very good Swiss company so I am interested if they perform as well at home as they did on TV. One pair is slated for the shop another for the kitchen and one as a gift for my daughter.
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